The Astro Cards©


    Learn the basic principles of astrology!  "These cards are ideal  for beginning astrology students, anyone who wishes to understand his or her own chart, the chart of others, as well as teachers of astrology. These ASTRO Cards©, will help you to understand the basic principles of astrology. They will assist you in interpreting a natal chart, & will also help you to  remember the meanings of the PLANETS, SIGNS, HOUSES, of the zodiac, as well as other "cosmic rocks." The ASTRO Cards can be used alone or in conjunction with the Self-Discovery Workbook in Astrology for Beginners.

Designed & Created by

Kathleen Scott, C.A.P.,   "No1Starwoman" !

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"This is a fabulous tool for teachers of astrology and students, as well as a fun game for the novice!" Laura Des Jardins, Astrologer & Founding Director of The Southern California Astrological Network

"This game is a great introduction to what can be a very complex subject". Lawrence Walters, Astrologer

"This is an excellent, well designed tool for the beginner and a dynamic visual display to further your client's understanding. A well thought out vehicle that will greatly enhance any modern astrologer's teaching technique!"  Arthyr Chadbourne,  Astrologer, Author of  "The Amazing Sunset Chart " &  "Ancient Whispers from Chaldea"

"I can't wait to share these with my students!"  Lindy Burke, Astrologer




1st House

Natural House Rulers:

 ARIES   Mars   

Element: Cardinal Fire

Self-Awareness ♦ Personality

  Physical Body ♦ The Head  ♦  Personal Power



HOW the ENERGIES Operate


Symbol of war, action, sexual & aggressive urges, desire, dynamic energy, combative,  impulsive, can be argumentative, enterprising & shows strong physical courage



The ASTRO Cards©  may be used alone or in conjunction with one of the

Self-Discovery WORKBOOKS in Astrology by Kathleen Scott, C.A.P.

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         Only $24.95 + S & H       or  Call: 949 340-0615  INTL  011 52 (661) 616-2393

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